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Guidelines and Resources

Acute to Inpatient Rehab/CCC
Hospital Chronic Care Co-Payment: Questions and Answers This link, located on the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care website, provides information on the chronic care co-payment.
Inpatient Rehab/LTLD Referral Guidelines These guidelines provide criteria to help determine when a patient is a candidate for inpatient rehab, medically stable, rehab ready and appropriate for ALC designation. 
Discharge Planning Guidelines for Inpatient Rehabilitation These guidelines provide guiding principles, standards and discharge readiness criteria for inpatient high tolerance and low tolerance rehab programs. 
Discharge/Transfer Checklist This checklist identifies key information to be sent with the patient on discharge to the post-acute destination.
Patient Information Letter for patients referred to inpatient rehab/LTLD rehab This letter is used during discharge planning discussions if a patient is being referred to a rehab/CCC hospital for inpatient rehab/LTLD rehab programs. 
Hip Fracture
Outpatient Rehabilitation Model of Care for Patients Post-Hip Fracture This model of care represents optimal care based on existing evidence and expert opinion. 
Total Joint Replacement
Guidelines for TJR Pre-operative Processes This guideline includes processes in the pre-operative, acute care admission and outpatient rehabilitation phases; pre-operative triage considerations for referral to outpatient/inpatient rehabilitation; and referral critiera for CCAC.
TJR Outpatient Rehab Model of Care and Process Maps These process maps include responsibilities for acute care and inpatient rehabilitation to support the smooth transition of patients to outpatient rehabilitation.