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Hip Fracture

The GTA Rehab Network is working to increase timely access to rehabilitation for hip fracture patients.

Current initiatives include:

  • New Referral Process: The Network is piloting a new referral process for patients post-hip fracture with ten acute care and ten rehab hospital sites across five GTA LHINs. The initiative provides a new model of earlier referrals from acute care to inpatient rehab/low tolerance long duration (LTLD) rehab programs.
  • Data sharing for benchmarking: The Network analyzes and provides quarterly, organization-specific data on hip fracture patients to acute care and rehabilitation hospitals in the Toronto Central LHIN. Data elements include time to surgery, length of stay in acute care and rehab, acute care ALC days, discharge destinations and functional status post-rehab. Hospitals are measuring their performance against the recommended benchmarks in the Quality-Based Procedures Clinical Handbook for Hip Fracture and each other to improve their performance.