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Improving Bundled Care

Bundled care is being implemented across Ontario to provide care for patients, including those receiving hip and knee replacements or who experience a stroke. The GTA Rehab Network is supporting members and future Ontario Health Teams as they implement this new care delivery model through the following:

  • Developing recommendations for bundled care pricing: The Network has used best practice models of rehabilitative care and an analysis of member outpatient data to make recommendations to the Ministry of Health on costing for outpatient rehabilitative care for hip and knee replacements and stroke.

  • Assessing the impact of bundled care implementation: The Network is playing a leading role in analyzing data to assess the impact of bundled care on referral patterns and access to rehabilitative care.

  • Streamlining communication: The Network has developed a multi-organizational contact list to support warm patient hand-offs and more efficient financial transactions between provider organizations and bundle holders. Work is also underway to develop a standardized form for reporting outpatient clinical outcomes to bundle holders. In addition, the Network serves as an information resource to Health Quality Ontario's bundled care coaches.