Updated guidelines for hip fracture in acute care and rehab

Date: December 5, 2011 Author: Mantis System Categories: Spotlight 1

The GTA Rehab Network has released updated clinical care guidelines for hip fracture in acute care and rehab.

The new guidelines are one component of the Network’s initiative to improve access to inpatient rehabilitation for patients with hip fractures.

The guidelines for acute and inpatient rehab build on the previous guidelines developed by the Bone and Joint Health Network. They now incorporate the latest information from Osteoporosis Canada as well as screening tools, protocols and educational materials used by hospitals to support the smooth and early transition of patients to inpatient rehabilitation. 



The GTA Rehab Network would like to thank the members of the Acute Care and Inpatient Rehab Clinical Care Maps Task Groups for their work on this initiative:

Acute Care

  • Mary Agnes Beduz, Mount Sinai Hospital, Interim Senior Director, Surgery and Oncology
  • Natasha Briggs, University Health Network, Advanced Practice Nurse for Orthopedics
  • Alicia Clark, St. Michael’s, Case Manager, Inpatient Mobility
  • Penny Dooks, Mount Sinai Hospital, Clinical Nurse Specialist
  • Christina Fabbruzzo, Mount Sinai Hospital, Clinical Nurse Specialist - Sarcoma
  • Gerry Hubble, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Patient Care Manager, Holland Musculoskeletal Program and Neurosurgery
  • Adrienne Hughes, University Health Network, Social Worker, Orthopedics and Rheumatology
  • Laurie Jenkins, Mount Sinai Hospital, former Senior Director, Surgery and Oncology
  • Raymond Kao, St. Michael’s, Case Manager
  • Jennifer Kim, Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Advanced Practice Nurse
  • Linda McKellar, St. Joseph’s Health Centre, former Patient Care Manager, Orthopaedic Unit
  • Marta Osborne, Toronto East General Hospital, Registered Nurse
  • Gunesh Ramdehalchand, Case Manager, St. Michael’s Hospital
  • Chris Saby, Toronto East General Hospital, Nurse Practitioner Leader

Inpatient Rehabilitation

  • Annie Brant, St. John’s Rehab Hospital, MSK Team Coordinator
  • Angela Chan, Baycrest, Program Director, Rehabilitation and Geriatric Assessment
  • Leslie Edmison, St. John’s Rehab Hospital, Physiotherapist
  • Michelle Hawryluk, Runnymede Healthcare Centre, Manager, Allied Health and Patient Flow
  • Kimberley Mackenzie, Providence Healthcare, Professional Practice Leader Occupational Therapy; Patient Flow Coordinator
  • Dr. Kathy McGilton, Toronto Rehab, Research Scientist
  • Janet Mulgrave, West Park Healthcare Centre, Service Manager, Geriatric Functional Enhancement and Musculoskeletal Services
  • Anna Maria Sneath, Providence Healthcare, Professional Practice Leader Physiotherapy
  • Paula Szeto, Toronto Rehab, Clinical Educator, Occupational Therapy
  • Charmaine Thompson, Runnymede Healthcare Centre, Patient Care Manager
  • Ruth Vallis, Toronto Rehab, Physiotherapist