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Rehab Resources Specific to COVID-19

Please note: Due to the volume of resources in this category, resources published prior to June/July can be found on the following pages:

Resources published in June/July 2020 (Updated: July 20, 2020)
 Patient Oriented Discharge Summary (PODS) for COVID-19 Resources from UHN Patient Education and partners include a COVID-19 PODS template, patient education handout and PODS best practices.
 Provincial COVID-19 educational resource Information on infection control, bioethics, palliative care, team-based models of care, rehabilitation, wellness & resilience. Content will be updated periodically. Login required.
 COVID-19 resources provided by the Regional Geriatric Program of Toronto and the RGPs of Ontario Resources include information on delirium, communication and immobility.
Pulmonary Rehabilitation Resources in a Complex and Changing World Developed by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation.
 Toronto Star feature story (June 21, 2020) Story describing the important role rehab will play for individuals recovering from COVID-19.
Injury-Prone: Peripheral nerve injuries associated with prone positioning for COVID-19-related acute respiratory distress syndrome (July 2, 2020) Article reviews 11 cases in a Chicago inpatient rehab program where prone positioning, associated with mechanical ventilation due to COVID-19 in acute care, resulted in focal/multifocal peripheral nerve injury. Highlights the need to refine standard prone positioning protocols to reduce this risk of associated injury.
 Frail Seniors: Guidance on Best Practice Rehabilitative Care in the Context of COVID-19 (June 30, 2020) RCA Guidance Document providing best practice recommendations to guide provision of rehabilitative care services to frail seniors and guidance on what should be considered as these services are reopened.

Personalized recovery of severe COVID19: Rehabilitation from the perspective of patient needs (June 19, 2020)

Editorial article published out of the Netherlands. Provides an overview of the impact that long term hospitalization or ICU treatment due to COVID-19 can have on patients’ pulmonary, physical, psychological and cognitive status. The authors stress the need for patient centred rehab assessment and intervention.
Systematic rapid living review on rehabilitation needs due to COVID-19: update to May 31st 2020 (June 16, 2020) This is the third systematic ‘living review’ of papers published in May 2020 that address rehabilitation needs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Reviewers indicate that patients with disability, regardless of COVID-19 infection, are suffering because of restrictions imposed to rehab service delivery. Neurological involvement is often present during the acute and post-acute stage, illustrating the risk of a long-lasting disability. Reviewers found the main gap in the available scientific literature is the lack of high quality primary studies and that experimental studies on the effects of rehabilitation are still warranted.
Guide for treating community dwelling older people post COVID-19 Isolation (“Cocooning”) (June 11, 2020) Guidance document developed by the Chartered Physiotherapists in Neurology and Gerontology in Ireland for physiotherapists looking to support their patients to be active and self-manage long term conditions during the pandemic where access to face-to-face healthcare is extremely limited.
Guide for treating older people post COVID-19 in hospital, post-acute care and the community (June 11, 2020) Document by the Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapists outlining the management of older people and their recovery pathway post COVID-19. The document is divided into three sections: initial presentation and identification of COVID-19 in older people including acute hospital management; post-acute rehabilitation and community based management and includes recommendations for outcome measures.
Neurological Manifestation of COVID-19 and the Enhanced Role of Physiatrists (June 10, 2020) Provides an overview of the neurological symptoms associated with COVID-19 in hospitalized patients and discusses the impact of the findings on the practice for physiatrists.
Rehabilitation after COVID-19: an evidence-based approach (June 8, 2020) Article discusses how the medical aspects of COVID-19 relate to rehabilitation and when referral to rehabilitation is appropriate; outlines rehabilitation interventions with supporting evidence; and discusses how COVID-19 might precipitate change and improve UK rehabilitation services so that most COVID-19 patients could receive rehabilitation.