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Tele-Rehab and COVID-19

Updated: July 16, 2020
 Practical Considerations for Implementing Virtual Care in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. For the Pandemic and Beyond (June, 2020) This article outlines a practical approach to implementing virtual care for physiatrists. Key themes covered in this article include selecting appropriate virtual care platforms, obtaining patient consent for virtual care and conducting successful virtual visits. It also reviews strategies for performing virtual physical examinations and engaging learners in virtual care.
 Rehab Care Alliance Tele-Rehab  Q&A Follow-Up Webinar (June 10, 2020) This webinar addresses questions submitted during the Tele-Rehab Webinar of May 13 2020 (see below).
  • Questions and written responses can be found in the Q & A document.
  • Several resources on tele-rehab shared by the speakers are also provided.
Assessing long-term rehabilitation needs in COVID-19 survivors using a telephone screening tool (C19-YRS tool) (June 9, 2020) Overview of a telephone screening tool recently developed by multi-disciplinary rehabilitation teams in the UK to screen for needs and target rehabilitation interventions in COVID-19 survivors after discharge from hospital care. The tool is free to use and covers the multiple body systems affected in COVID-19 and all domains of the WHO ICF framework.
 Rehab Care Alliance Tele-Rehab Webinar (May 13, 2020) This webinar shares experiences from providers across the province with implementing tele-rehab and includes:
  • Key considerations and enablers of using tele-rehab
  • Practical tips for setting up tele-rehab quickly
  • Learnings from those in the field who have implemented tele-rehab in individual and group formats.
COVID-19 Virtual Care Toolkit (May 8, 2020) Complimentary toolkit published by Accreditation Canada and Health Standards Organization. Provides considerations for patients, health professionals and digital teams involved in virtual care.
Future-proofing cardiac rehabilitation: Transitioning services to telehealth during COVID-19 (April 23, 2020) Letter to the Editor in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology. 
How to Conduct an Outpatient Telemedicine Rehabilitation or Prehabilitation Visit (April 15, 2020) Outlines the components of an outpatient telemedicine visit for physiatrists with a particular focus on an adapted virtual physical examination. Includes a description of the general approach to the visit, reviews definitions of terms commonly used in telemedicine, and offers tips for optimizing the encounter.